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How It Works

Achieve Perfect Skin With Virtual Skincare Services From Pink Skincare Studio

Ready to pamper yourself?

Book a one-on-one skincare consultation with an expert, all from the comfort of your own home! Starting at just  $75! 

Learn more about our process below. You're in good hands!

Woman with Face Cream

Our Process

Ready to say goodbye to skin woes? Hop onto a virtual consultation and let's get you glowing!

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Book an Appointment

Book a one-on-one consultation which we'll conduct right from the comfort of your own home. Once we have your consultation scheduled, we'll gather all the information about your unique skin portfolio.


woman on laptop

Gather Information

Before we dive into expert tips and tricks, let's get to know you first! Tell us all about your skin type, what concerns you the most, and what skin goodies you're already using. This way we can create a tailor-made plan that works wonders for you and your skin!


woman on tablet

Virtual Consultation

Picture this: you and a skincare expert having a heart-to-heart about your skin goals and concerns, like the ultimate skin BFFs. They'll take a  virtual magnifying glass to your skin and analyze every detail, so they can create a personalized skincare plan that perfectly fits your unique skin.


woman using skincare product

Custom Plan

A skincare expert will create a unique plan tailored to your skin's needs. They'll wave their wand of wisdom and recommend the perfect products, and tweaks to your daily routine. Plus, they'll be your personal guide, with you through the steps of product application and scheduling any possible follow up appointments.


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